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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Laser Beauty Works is excited to announce that we will be offering Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy! Dr. Beams, a Board Certified Physician with 32 years of experience in Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine, will be providing this service to all our clients, family and friends!

As you age, your hormone levels can diminish rapidly. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, suffering from decreased sexual desire or ED, having troubles sleeping, or experiencing weight gain–low hormone levels might be to blame! We offer estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and HCG!

To set up a free consultation or for more information, go to or call us at 720-514-9667. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save money and finally be FREE OF PAIN.

Laser Beauty Works and Dr. Beams are OFFERING 10% OFF ON ALL STEM CELL THERAPY AND BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE THERAPY on your first treatment!